Cattle cubicles

We manufacture concrete cubicle beds to suit practically any cattle housing situation. They can accomodate animals from calves to adult cows in single runs or head to head, on existing floors as a relocatable unit or as part of a precast suspended system over an underfloor tank. Various division options are available, cast into the bed at our works or assembled onsite.

Pre-assembled cubicles

Our concrete portable cubicle unit is designed to hold all sizes of cattle in comfort. This product is manufactured in many different specifications to suit the size and needs of your cattle, from large adults to small calves.

Bed slopes are built into the unit, which sits on a level floor. Handed ends for the end of a run, half units for use against a wall and special divisions with fixings for barriers or gates can be made and cast-in as required. The cubicle can be easily disassembled and stacked for transport/storage and allows you to change the layout within your building at will.

  • Flexible building layout
  • Resale value
  • Sizes for calves available
  • Speed of installation
  • Ideal for tenanted farms
  • Tenants fixture
  • Bed slope built in
  • Handed end unit available, Left & Right start or finish
  • Half unit (against a wall) available start or finish
  • Straight Legged Mushroom division cast in

Self-assembly cubicles

Our production line manufactured self-assembly portable cubicle is a great solution to cattle management needs. It is ideal for use with slats for suspended flooring over storage tanks or on farms where a non-permanent solution is required. It is an extremely cost-effective option when compared to pre-assembled portable cubicle units or cast insitu bases. The separate bed design also helps reduce haulage costs.

The non-slip surface makes it safer for cattle whilst built-in bed slopes aid animal comfort. Precast beds allow easy self- assembly option options for most cow divisions including super comfort, supreme comfort and ultima. Beds can be configured for use in either single rows or head to head layout.

  • Cost effective design
  • Super comfort division
  • S/L mushroom division
  • Suspended floor system
  • Bed slope built-in
  • Ideal as non-permanent fixture

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