Agricultural Pre-Cast Concrete

Wolfenden Concrete has been supplying quality precast solutions to the farming industry for over 30 years.

Our extensive agricultural Precast range includes; slurry flow channels and slats, beams, columns and slats for suspended flooring, feed troughs and barriers, drinking water troughs, portable cattle cubicles, L shaped and prestressed retaining wall panels and much more.

We have the depth of Knowledge and production capabilities to design and deliver an efficient system around your needs using standard and specially produced units to any part of the UK.

Support Beams and Columns

Support Beams and Columns for suspended floors using slats and cubicle beds

Cattle Slats & Solid Covers

Concrete cattle slats designed with agricultural practicalities in mind. Straight Slats.Diagonal Slats. Legacy Slats. Solid channel and Passage slabs.

Slurry Handling Systems

Slurry channels to cope with any situation. Large or small, shallow or deep we have something to do your job.

Concrete Drinking Troughs

The precast concrete Water Trough is a strong, durable drinker suitable for many types of livestock. Capacities from 30 to 500 gallons.

L Shaped Retaining Walls

L Shaped Retaining Walls can be used to construct walls suitable for earth retention, fill containment or crop and waste storage. Easily moved and assembled, providing versatile storage facilities.

Prestressed Panels

Prestressed Panels suitable for livestock / industrial building walls, silage aggregate storage or soil retention.

Feed Troughs & Barriers

Cattle feed troughs , quick and easy to install and relocate, single side or double side use. Head rail options.

Portable Cattle Cubicles

Portable cubicle units designed to suit all sizes of cattle in comfort. Complete pre assembled or self assembly types in a wide range of sizes.